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Quick Face – Speedsketch

A quick sketch I did in Photoshop. I’m trying to learn how to capture videos and edit them so this was my first baby step in that direction.

Creative Dream Circle : Mandalas


I’m slowly working my way through the mandala class. These are the ones I did for day 2-7.

Painting butterflies


Butterflies painted in acrylics, details added with coloured pencils and a black drawing pen.

Faces in pencil


Eye practice


The human eye was drawn in pencil and the dragon eye was painted in Photoshop.

Babysteps and faces


Two faces from my sketchbook. The left one was one of the first faces I drew about a month ago when I decided to get back into drawing, the face to the right I drew a couple of nights ago. It’s far from perfect but I’m well pleased with the progress I’ve made so far!


This is some random images from my sketchbook, just as a reminder to myself of what I’ve been working on. I’ve done lots of stick figures, working on getting the proportions right. My thought is that if I get the foundation right from the beginning it will get easier further down the road… or so I hope anyways. 😛

Blue butterfly


A quick practice piece (from a photo reference) where the focus was on keeping it loose and having fun. It was a challenge because one of the “rules” I set for myself was to not use the eyedropper tool in Photoshop to pick out colours, instead I had mix them myself in the colour picker.

Mandala Class – Day 1



I’m taking a Mandala Class over at the Creative Dream Circle. I’ve wanted to create Mandalas for a very long time but for one reason or another I never did… but that will change with this class. Now that I’ve started I can’t wait to create more! 😀

More faces


Having a blast drawing faces in Photoshop. I’m slowly getting more comfortable using the wacom, trying to push myself and not go for my “default-choices” when it comes to eyes etc. Been drawing a lot of faces in my sketchbook where I’ve pushed the features around to create all kinds of weird looking people. Small shifts in the placement of the nose or the distance between the eyes can make a huge difference.

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First digital face


I’ve decided to learn how to draw and paint. This is a quick image I did as I tried to get used to the Wacom pen and learning to paint in Photoshop. It’s not great but I’ve definitely improved since I sketched my first face a couple of weeks ago.

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