Mandala Class – Day 1



I’m taking a Mandala Class over at the Creative Dream Circle. I’ve wanted to create Mandalas for a very long time but for one reason or another I never did… but that will change with this class. Now that I’ve started I can’t wait to create more! 😀

More faces


Having a blast drawing faces in Photoshop. I’m slowly getting more comfortable using the wacom, trying to push myself and not go for my “default-choices” when it comes to eyes etc. Been drawing a lot of faces in my sketchbook where I’ve pushed the features around to create all kinds of weird looking people. Small shifts in the placement of the nose or the distance between the eyes can make a huge difference.

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First digital face


I’ve decided to learn how to draw and paint. This is a quick image I did as I tried to get used to the Wacom pen and learning to paint in Photoshop. It’s not great but I’ve definitely improved since I sketched my first face a couple of weeks ago.

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The Thinking Cupcake

A little game I made while learning Flash in 2008-2009?

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